Folklore Tale

Captain Fox, a Cromwellian soldier who killed a priest saying mass was himself killed at Fox’s Bridge when he was thrown by his horse while being pursued by an angry mob, hence the name Fox’s Bridge. He was buried in the graveyard at Loughane West, remains of which are still evident. Folklore has it that the other corpses buried in Loughane, got up that night and carrying their headstones crossed the Shournagh river near Gurth Bridge and headed up the hill to Matehy Graveyard, (opposite the church) where they lay in peace to this day.

Courtbrack Community Centre building fund

Thoughts behind our new Crest

Courtbrack Community Centre (CCC) represented by the C Shape enclosing the crest is designed, using symbolism and art, to incorporate the culture, traditions, heritage and history unique to our area.

Centrally Fox’s Bridge is represented by a fox crossing the Shournagh River.

The Castle top left is Courtbrack Castle, which was located between Drom Sli and Fox’s Bridge, the existing stone wall being the only remaining trace today.

The Standing Stone/Gallaunto the right is still located in the community field.

The crops either side of the River indicate the active farming culture associated with the area.

The skeleton carrying his headstone, crossing the river represents folklore and the moving graveyard (see brief version below).

The Shournagh River was a salmon breeding river, portrayed by the swimming fish.

The Plough Constellation is a tribute to our ancestors who ploughed the furrow before us and the dreams and hopes wished for future generations.

key to the elements of the crest