Terms & Conditions of Courtbrack Community Centre


Courtbrack Community Association is committed to developing and maintaining Courtbrack Community Centre as an important community facility. 

  1. Rooms will only be available to use from the time they are booked.
    If hirers arrive before this time access to the meeting room/hall may not be available. When booking, please allow time before the event/session is due to start, and for overruns.  Your event/session must end and the meeting room/hall be cleared no later than the finish time as stated on your booking form. Please note that the booking times are normally between 9 am. and 10pm.

    The hirer shall use the meeting room/hall booked by them only for the purpose stated in their booking. 
  1. Should your event/session continue after the agreed finish time, the Centre shall make every endeavour to accommodate you.
    However, should the Centre request you to vacate the premises, for example, in the event of requiring the room for a subsequent hirer, you shall agree to immediately comply.
  1. It is your responsibility to ensure the maximum notified capacity of each room is not exceeded at any time.
  1. Any accidents/Incidents or damage occurring within the premises must be immediately reported to the Committee.
    A Committee member will then log the accident/incident in our Accident/Incident Book.
  1. Charges will be incurred for any serious time run over.
  1. You shall not sub-licence or share occupation of the meeting room/hall without prior consent from the Committee.
  1. You shall not use any public area of the premises for registration of guests, display any signs, notices without prior written approval from management.
  1. The use of the Centre does not carry any endorsement by the Community Association and none shall be claimed or implied by you in anyway whatsoever.
  1. You shall not make use of the Community Association logo in anyway whatsoever, except with the prior written approval of the Committee.
  1. There is strictly no smoking or vaping in the Community Centre building or in the vicinity of any access door.
  1. Each group must take away any rubbish that they accumulate as a recycling policy applies at the Centre.
  1. Any person in charge of a group must be present at the facility, and sign in, before the start time.
  1. Children cannot be left unattended at the Community Centre.
  1. It is understood that no group or person has exclusive rights to the hall or any rooms unless previously agreed by the Association.
  1. The Community Association reserve the right to withdraw or refuse to hire rooms should they have reasonable cause to do so.
  1. The Community Association reserves the right to cancel bookings in the event of a clash of fixtures or other unforeseen circumstances.
    We will endeavour to give a minimum of three days notice should this happen. 
  1. Main Hall
    When playing ball sports in the Main Hall, please make sure to keep the ball below the window ledges. In the event that damage is caused to the overhead lights, windows, etc, the User Group will be invoiced and must pay for the necessary repairs.
  1. The Hirer is liable for any damages to the facility and its contents caused by the group. Cost of reinstatement shall be paid upon the Hirer being furnished with an invoice of the cost of repairs by management.
  1. Any breakages and damage to the premises and the Centre’s property must be reported to the Community Association.
  1. The Community Association does not have authorisation to permit the sale and purchase of alcohol on the premises. 
  1. The Community Centre is located in a residential area, therefore music at any event taking place in the Centre must finish by 11pm out of respect for our neighbours.


  1. Payment for room hire must be made prior to or at time of usage. No credit is given unless previously agreed with management. Where credit is given, invoices are payable within 30 days maximum.
  2. A deposit of 30% of the amount to be paid or €100 will be taken at the time of booking for any group from the local area wishing to use the Centre for five weeks or more. The deposit is refundable after the event/hire period  provided no damage has been caused to the premises.
  3. A deposit of 50% of the amount to be paid or €200 willl be taken at the time of booking for any group outside the the local area wishing to use the Centre for five weeks or more. The deposit is refundable after the event/hire period provided no damage has been caused to the premises.
  4. A security deposit of €100 is required for any private function being held on the premises which. The deposit is refundable after the event provided no damage has been caused to the premises.
  5. Venue hire and all other charges are reviewed in June of each year
    Hirer shall pay the rates applicable on the day of the event. We reserve the right to alter details shown on our literature without notice.
  6. Cancellation of the room/hall must be given no later than 24 hours prior to booking.
    Any cancellation under this time will be charged the full amount of room/hall hire.
  7. Charges for room hire will be subject to review once a year or sooner at the discretion of the Community Association.
    Any changes will be notified in writing.
  8. The Hirer must vacate the hall/rooms promptly at the end of their allotted time to facilitate others. Hirers should be aware that several groups may be utilizing the Centre at the same time and that the room may need to be prepared for the next booking.


  1. Should you provide snacks/food or other beverages for your client group, it is your responsibility to ensure food safety and hygiene standards are in accordance with legislation.

The Community Asscoiation accepts no responsibility for breach of food hygiene legislation by an individual or group.

Confirmation of Booking, and Payments

  1. Groups or persons requesting the use of the Centre will be sent:
  • Copy of Terms and Conditions
  • Copy of Room Hire Rates
  • Details of Available Rooms
  1. Payment
  • One Off /Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly Users
    Payment in full must be made on or before the day of hire.
  • Regular Daily Users
    Payment in full for current week MUST be made on Friday of that week
  1. Payment  method accepted by the Community Association.:
  • Cash,
  • Cheque,
  • Electronic Transfer.
  • Credit Card through website


  1. Rooms/Hall must be cleared of any equipment/gear or other items which are not the property of the Community Centre, after each session of use unless special arrangements are made with the Committee.
    The Community Association cannot be responsible for any items left unattended in the Centre.
  1. You shall be responsible for the security and insurance of any such equipment.

A deposit is payable on equipment being hired from the Centre, which is refundable once the equipment is returned undamaged.

Condition of Premises

  1. The Hirer agrees to leave the facility in a similar state to which it was found before use. Any maintenance issues should be reported to the Caretaker on duty or, in their absence, the Committee. 
  2. The Hirer shall not be entitled to leave personal property or equipment without prior permission of management. The Community Association does not accept any responsibility for, including the loss or theft of, any personal property or equipment left on the premises.

Health and Safety

  1. You shall comply with the Centre’s security requirements at all times and follow any specific security related instructions, which may be given by Community Association at any time.
  1. You shall comply at all times with the Centre’s fire, emergency and health and safety regulations. 
    Fire instructions including fire escape routes are displayed throughout the premises. Please ensure you/group is familiar with them.  Fire exits and routes must not be obstructed.
  1. Any persons supervising or working with any child under 18 must adhere to Irish child protection legislation.
    It is your responsibility i.e. user group, club, or organisation, to familiarise yourself with this legislation (Children First National Guidelines for the protection and welfare of Children, Department of Health and Children 1999 and any subsequent  legislation/guidelines/ regulations) and ensure that it is complied with at all times while children under your care are on the premises.  It is the policy of the Community Centre to have a copy of the Child Protection Procedures of each group using the Centre involving children under 18 years of age, same to be furnished to the Committee prior to use of the Community Centre by the hirer.

Indemnity and Insurance

  1. Any person, group club or organisation wishing to hire rooms/hall in the Community Centre MUST have their own insurance cover and provide a copy of the insurance policy. 
    The Community Centre must be indemnified against any claims, demands, actions or suits arising out of or in connection with this rental.  Please contact the Committee for further clarification.
  1. While the Community Association may store equipment or other items (if requested and agreed), the Association take no responsibility for loss or damage of any equipment or items stored.

Complaints and Claims

  1. If you have a complaint prior to or during your use of the building, you shall notify us in writing. 

Wheelchair Access

  1. The Community Centre building is wheelchair accessible.


  1. The Hirer agrees to be bound by and follow all government public health measures that may be in force from time to time in response to the Coronoavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.  In the event of stricter measures coming into force than were in force at the time the Hirer made the booking, the Hirer should contact a Committee Member to determine if booking can proceed or not.  The Community Association reserves the right to cancel any bookings made in the event of stricter public health measures being imposed.

The hirer must agreed to the above Terms & Conditions and adhere to all policies, procedures and “house-keeping rules” of Courtbrack Community Association while on the premises.  Failure to do so may result in the use of the Centre by the hirer being withdrawn by Management.

The Community Association reserves the right to refuse admission.